Online Dating Etiquette - Great Date, but she's online a lot since?

I went on a first date with someone off the internet, we had texted and chatted for around two weeks and she'd said "on paper you're just too good to be true".

We met for drinks and ended up at mine, she complimented me on various things (better than she'd expected, great body, you look hot, great cook) and from what she was saying thinking about the future too.

She is quite insecure, about her body and the way she looks and even said "Am I okay?" as in is she okay?

She'd stayed over and went on Sunday morning and I thought all good...But my friend said he saw her online "Plenty of Fish" all afternoon. Which seems odd, considering?

Any comments would be great.



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  • No matter how great the first date was she's probably thinking that she shouldn't put all her eggs in one basket. Or she was trying to see if you were on. Or she was talking with other guys. In the beginning it's good to see if you really do want to be with that person. Lastly, maybe she didn't have as good of a time as you did/ doesn't see it as a long term thing.
    I wouldn't confront her just yet. I'd go on a few more dates, become official and date maybe 2-4 months then ask if she's deleted it. If she's into you she will delete it naturally
    I wouldn't and never deleted my profile after just one date, no matter how great

    • I'll just add she still seems enthusiastic about it and said last night; "I was thinking if I stop more, I'll have to get more cosmetics and stuff at your house, so I don't have to keep packing them"

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    • The shirt thing is either sweet or creepy or both. It depends on if you like it or not :P haha

    • Sweet, I think...

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  • Why is it odd? As long you didn't make it exclusive why wouldn't she keep looking? Maybe she thinks it didn't go as well and she hear from you? Or she's online all the time to hope she gets a message from? Or the site just automatically comes up when she opens her browser
    I wouldn't worry about it

    Though truth is, if you're online dating, you probably go on first dates with a few people in a short time and a lot of them suck. She may very well be seing other people but if it in fact did go as well as you said, I wouldn't worry about it

    • That is all true, we do text & talk on the phone rather than message online, she does seem enthusiastic, so maybe just a matter of trying a few guys out and seeing which one is best?

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    • Yeah, lots, she even messaged last night saying "we'll need better curtains in your bedroom" and "I was thinking if I stop more, I'll have to get more cosmetics and stuff at your house, so I don't have to keep packing them"

    • And she did say that she missed me this morning in the shower.

  • No, i don't think its odd at all. You guys went on one date, she is allowed to and more than likely chatting with & meeting other guys. One date does not mean you are in a committed relationship, of course she is going to continue to search and keep her options open as you should too. That is the whole thing with online dating/dating in go out with people to see what works and what doesn't, until you find someone you want to see exclusively (usually doesn't happen after only one date). So don't worry about it, ask her out for a second date, see where things go, and don't over-think things!

  • She was freeloading off you.

    • Really? Do you spend two weeks of talking and messaging to get to know someone? And would someone really let the other person have sex and be romantic together, just to freeload?

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