What does it mean if my boyfriend doesn't put any of our holiday photos of both of us on Facebook? He only puts up those of himself.?

I feel like he doesn't want to have much traces of me on his social media? I am not in his many Instagram photos either. He does post those w his frns. There was one photo of both of us but even that was because I told him to load it up. Is he like ashamed of me? He said it was because he didn't look nice in them (I think it's crap)


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  • maybe he's not sure about the relationship,...if there is a future together with you...
    maybe he's afraid other may make jokes about the relationship...

    • We ve been tghr for 4-5 years..

    • eehm then he pobably looks like crap on the pics XD
      guys aren't attached to pics like women are
      if pics of women get deleted they do like someone is dead XD

  • Maybe it's intimate to him, like it's none of the other peoples busyness. Don't assume that he doesn't like you.

    • Are most guys like that? Not wanting to share their rs publicly

    • i guess most guys aren´t like that but i can understand it. if my gf was like that i would totally understand it too.

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