3 dates and still nothing (maybe im scared)?

Hello guys I went out 3 times with some girl.I have been chatting with her for like a month.Shes into me, and i really like her. Should i say her my feelings on next date or do something else. ( I know her very well, her mother even sad that im good match for her. We was looking each others photos when we were kids, and we had a lot of fun together. I believe that she's perfect girl for me) Help me please ^_^


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  • not sure what you're asking exactly. nothing what?

    • Oh sorry if u dont understand, ill explain ^_^. As i sad i really like this girl and i would like to move forward. I would like to be in relationship with her, as i mentioned before i dont know how to express my feelings, should i say her straigh when we go out next time, or should i do something else. That was my question :)

    • if you like her, yes! ask her to be your girlfriend. you don't want to keep asking her out on dates without making it clear what kind of relationship you two have. she might just think of you only as a friend which you might not want. the only way to be 100% sure is to ask her directly. then you get a definitive answer in return and you can go from there. i hope it works out for you both (:

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  • Yes! Just ask her out at the end of your next date! Make sure to do something cute! (Like maybe go out to dinner, and when you drop her off at her house, say you forgot something, run to your car, get out flowers, bring them to her and ask her out :) )


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  • instead of telling her your feelings, express them through action. since you're in the beginning stages this will be perfect. express your feelings into words later on when you're both in an actual relationship but for now express them through action.

    • Hmm, that sounds reasonably. Can you give me more hints, what should i do?

    • ok so like when you're on your 4th date and you two have already eaten dinner or played mini golf, whatever you had planned, and now you take her somewhere special/nice, then let the moment sink in a bit for the both of you and then look at her, look into her eyes and you'll know she's feeling what you're feeling, the eyes never lie, and then you kiss her. give her a smooth light but passionate first kiss so she can't walk home properly.