Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

Seriously that's what I need to know.

I really really like this guy that I have know for about a year now. When I first met him he had a girlfriend/fiancée who I became very close to and like a lot. We hung out a lot but then lost touch for a while in that time of us not talking they broke up and I reconnected with him.

By chance we ran into each other, hung out the next week and have been hanging out basically every weekend since. On top of us hanging out we also text at least every other day if not then every day for what could be hours at a time. There have been occasions where he's with out with friends and will continue to text me even though I told him that he should go have fun with them, he say it's fine and continues to talk anyway. He initiates the majority of our conversations and is always inviting me out with him and his friends. All signs point to him liking me and my friends swear that he does.

So what's the problem then? Well him and his ex-fiancée only broke up a few months ago and he has spoken to me about her a few times saying that he's trying to get over her and things like that but conversations never lasts that long. I'm so confused because honestly I've totally fallen for him and we get along so well, I swear I've never met a guy like him before where I can totally be myself around and have a great time. I just don't want to be a rebound and I wonder if there's a chance that maybe he could like me. I'm willing to wait I'm not trying to rush things, just looking for some opinions on that situation.


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  • My best guess would be that he likes you. He feels comfortable around you and he is interested enough to maintain contact and keep conversations going and to find excuses to talk to you and see you often. When I met my wife and we were just study buddies and then dating I started parking my car on the opposite side of campus so I would walk past her apartment and see her when I was on my way home or on my way to work. I am not one who believes that there is just one person with whom we could be happy, you know "the One", but I also don't think things will or can work out with just anyone. When you meet a person who just feels right, and you think they feel the same, I say don't give up. The most important part to any good relationship, in my opinion, is that you are friends and that you always have something to say to each other and to share with each other.

    You don't necessarily have to have a define the relationship talk (DTR) any time soon (when those happen prematurely they can mess things up, but sometimes they are necessary to determine if he has any intention of things going anywhere), but I think the situation or relationship sounds like it is worth cultivating. You don't necessarily have to cut off all your options and be exclusively dating (or hoping to be dating) him yet if that is not where your relationship is at (but if it is there is no problem either).

    From the sounds of it things seem good. I don't know if your guy friend is like me, but I didn't ever work hard to keep in contact with girls I was only casually interested in. I only did that when I thought there was something worth exploring, and when I felt like the girl felt the same about me. The fact that you just feel totally comfortable is great. If nothing ever really develops beyond good friends, the very worst that could happen is that you have a life long friend. But based on what you wrote about him, I think there is more potential than just that.

    I know this was long and rambling, but I hope it helped a little.

    • It helps a lot THANKS! =]

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  • i think you should go for it. his ex is old news. I am dating a guy even though I still have some feelings for my ex I just realized my current guy is so much better. exs are exs for a reason. rebound doesn't necessarily mean its not the real thing