Meeting the parents for the first time?

What type of things do you look for when brigning a girl home to meet your parents?

How serious would you consider the relationship to be or potentialy be?


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  • im wondering and checking if they are getting along well. read parents body language etc.

    • Would you mind elaborating on the "etc"?
      If i knew the "etc" part, I wouldn't have asked the question. haha ;)

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    • Thank you! Who knew some guys put that much thought into a meeting like that. I've always felt it to be important because my parents opinoin is important to me. Plus, they know me the best and can tell if i am truly happy or not. If they don't like who i am with, i feel it can cause rifts later down the road. Thank you again!

    • haha no problem and good luck:D

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  • How everyone gets along
    instead of using the crystal ball

  • probably only enganged. HOPE YOUR PARENTS ARE GOOD.


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