Can social anxiety kill my love life?

I am a very shy person since I was little. As a grown woman, I still have some shyness left in me that I cannot seem to shake off completely. I am very pleasant, upbeat and friendly on the phone, but when I am on a date I tense up and cannot relax. I have some guys that do notice my shyness right away while the guys who like me do not mind it. They would say or do anything to make me feel at ease. The question is, how do I deal with social anxiety when dating? Is it a deal breaker for some guys? Especially if the guy is very sociable and outgoing!

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  • You can check out this website for tips and stuff but i think that unless you find someone who understands what you're going through or could relate to the situation the possibility of a love life is slim to nil

    • I agree! I have to find someone who loves me and accept me with this issue. Thanks for commenting and sharing the link!

  • I was the same way and now I'm marrying him.

    • Thanks for commenting! Happy that you found someone special! :)

    • Thanks. I know you will too.

    • Thank you so much. ~Stay blessed!

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