Its been two weeks since he talked to me. I told him id rather be alone than hang out with him because he only wanted to for two hours.?

I've texted him over eight times saying sorry. but i never said the real reason i got upset was that i found out my dad is really sick and i thought he was just using me for sex and ik now i shouldn't have taken it out on him. I really want him back. Do you think i should try one last time to tell him how i feel?


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  • No. Let him come to you, if he doesn't like you there's not much you can do now in order to change that. If he does like you he will forgive you in his own time and come back on his own

    • its been two weeks. i think he thinks im just a mean girl. wouldn't u feel compassion if i told u the real reason

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    • You didn't, I really liked talking with you honestly. I understand a bit of how you're feeling and I thinks its a normal thing.

    • i wish u could talk to him for me. i don't know what im doing and i feel like he's more realistic than me. like i only have 5 friends, 6 if i include him. i live alone and don't meet people that often. he on the other hand lives with 5 other guys and has friends to hang out with regularly.

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