Will he call or text me? Am I jumping the gun?

Ok, so i live in a small town outside of the city working at a drug store. Well today this guy came in and we went to HS together for a while. We are both college students now.He greeted me with a huge smile and a hug and we started talking for like 20 minutes and then he asked for an application and i gave him one. well he ended up staying in the store for over an hour and we were really clicking a vining and catching up. He even asked for my number before he left. I think he might call me but, A. He and my ex played on the same basketball team together, and they're cool. B. my ex of 5 years and I broke up 2 months ago but still texts almost everyday and i think he's seeing other people. Do you think he will call me? He asked if we were together and I told him no. and also I'm wondering will my ex be upset? I'm not trying to use this guy or anything, I just know from past experiences there's a chance he will be pissy about it.

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he texted but he wasn't really flirty. what does it mean?


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  • i Think he will call you if you give him ur number since he asked that question.


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