How serious is he about the relationship?

I've been dating a guy for 3 months now and we're getting on great. He was very eager right off the bat (meeting up after talking online only for a week or 2, showing interest right at first meeting, asking for a second date right at the end of first...). He's very affectionate when we're together and always make sure to set up a next date/meeting at the end of each date. We're seeing each other on average 1 to 2 times a week or so and I've met some of his close friends and vice versa.

However, I find that there is very little contact between the dates. I feel like I'm the one initiating contact between dates more often than he is (though I'm not *always* the one to initiate contact). He would send me a short text once every 3-4 days and it's always a random comment on something that happened during the day and it never really goes into a full conversation. It seems like he's not asking many questions about me, but rather tends to share what he's been doing. On the other hand, he does always call to set up time when he said he would.

We're in our late twenties. This is my first serious relationship but he broke up with a gf of 3+ years (with whom he was considering marriage) about 6 months before going out with me (his ex-gf left him). He's never called me his girlfriend yet and when I asked him what he was looking for, he said what he was looking for is exactly like what he wrote on his profile (he mentioned he wanted long-term relationship on his profile). He also mentioned that I'm the first girl he started dating more consistently since the split. (We never had the exclusivity talk but he hasn't been active online since 2 months or so.)

Is this frequency of communication is normal? It makes me wonder if he thinks at all about me when he doesn't see me. I'm wondering if he really likes me for myself or is just trying to get back into relationship because he's lonely and if he's emotionally available for something committed...


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  • He must be a Sag, if so typical SOP so don't worry
    If you can fit into his/this lifestyle then you'll be OK
    but if already it's bugging you - this torture gets much worse later on.
    Most gals cannot change this SOP

  • i quess she dident meet his requirements :)). you tell me if seem to be husband material.


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