Why do you think is more likely to be in a relationship?

I think average to petite women because they have more options of men to choose from unlike tall, big women like me. We have limited options. I'm 6'2 and my preference is a man my height or taller. I'm so jealous of my shorter friends because the all have tall boyfriends. My 5'6 friend has a 6'3 boyfriend, 5'4 has a 5'10 boyfriend and my 5ft friend's boyfriend is the same height as me.
Oh and please vote.

  • Petite (under 5'4)
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  • Average (5'4 - 5'6)
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  • Tall (5'7 and taller)
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  • Girls like taller guys. Guys likes to be taller.


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  • say girls of average height get more dates, while taller or petite are more of a niche


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