Skyped with a guy after about a week of texting and now he's ignoring me. Why?

Yesterday evening I skyped with a guy I have met online. We were texting back and forth for about a week and yesterday we finally skyped. He had a webcam malfunction so I couldn't see him.

So we talked for about 2+ hours and he told me before he left that he will text me the next day. A few minutes after the call, he sents me a text good night.

He hasn't sent me anything yet today. Could it be that I wasn't what he was expecting when he saw me on skype? Maybe he was expecting someone gorgeous. And I was a disappointment?



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  • that is a possibility. was physical appearance expectancy established before the Skype video call?

    • Well I have a profile on the dating site and I have a few pictures on it.

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    • Yes. And I am not exactly skinny. It says it all on my profile.

    • if he knows then either he was just surprised to see you in live motion or he got busy but then that means he went against his own word of saying he would contact you the next day. I would just give it some more time. its too early to tell anything.

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