Thoughts on getting back with an ex lover.?

Classic case, break up with boyfriend and I want him back -- however. I've started seeing someone else -- infact he's declared us boyfriend and girlfriend. Actually he doesn't even live in the city -- we met at the end of the school year and then after he went home for the summer. But we still often talk. At that point, I had been broken up with my boyfriend of two years for 6 months. I was fairly certain I didn't want him again. But a few weeks ago he started messaging me again, and we even hung we didn't hook up, just a casual hang out...and then well, I started feeling for him again. if all it took for me to want him back was to see him again -- then I guess I'm not actually over him right? Then what should I do with this other guy -- he is all around pretty awesome. I tried to end whatever this is with him, because I feel really bad for having feelings for my ex -- and he said that didn't bother him, because he thinks that once we see each other face to face I'll be over my ex. Sounds...kinda lame when I write it down.


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  • I am kinda in the same boat as you.. I am just letting whatever is with my ex play out.. If we get back together great, if we don't it wasn't meant to be.

    • What should I do about the other guy?

    • Do you think that you will get in a relationship with your ex again? If so, I would say to him that the feelings you have for your ex are too strong and that you feel like it's unfair to him to essentially lead him on. Just tell him you can't do that anymore. Do realize that as soon as you tell the other guy this you will ruin your shot with him. Guys don't like to be choice number 2. So know for sure, before you say anything!

    • Well, to be fair to the other guy I wasn't emotionally there. Wrong on my half yes, but I let him go. So now I've talked to my ex and just told him how i feel and such -- and now he's not sure right now. So it's entirely up to him at this point. I have no clue when I'll know what he wants and I really don't know how long I can wait. Thoughts?

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