I'm sure this girl is interested yet I never hear from her and she lives down the street?

I meet her last year and we have some history , I'm sure she is interested in me. cause she got jealous over this other girl I knew and she started going to local pub she knew I went to all of a sudden and said hi to me when I saw her and we sat together one night and talked.

yet I never hear from her and we don't seem to do anything together other than random hang outs at local bars. its frustrating cause she lives and works just down the street from me , her parents house and golf course where she works is rate nearby. I know she is busy with work and her parents don't seem to like me so I don't feel comfortable going to her house yet. but I still think she is interested and I'm annoyed cause she is back home from college for summer and now is our chance to spend time together before she goes back in fall. mean if we don't go somewhere now I can't see it happening later on.

should I just ask her if she wants to hang out? I mentioned I'd like to go golfing at course she works at but didn't get much of a reply then she claimed she wasn't good at golf so maybe that was a bad idea. she's more into partying and such. however she also said she loves to go swimming and I also like to go swimming so maybe that's an idea however I'm not sure she's ready for me to see her in a bikini. so I'm not sure what to do


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  • Just ask her to hang but don't over think it. Go to the bar or movies or something easy.

    • we did hang out at pub a few weeks back but it wasn't really planned , she and her gf's just showed up so I ended up hanging out with them that night. I'm not really good at planning things with her , she also always seems busy or has things planned for each weekend well in advance , like I wanted her to go to this concert with me cause she likes country music and i'm sure she would of loved it but she had already made plans for friends bday weeks before

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    • I guess you could day she was playing hard to get. I have never tried to kiss her before. but not had one on one time yet. it wouldn't hurt to try and meet some other people at this time but I really did like her so not sure I'm ready to just give up yet

    • Do what you gotta do

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  • Yes, ask if she wants to hang out. she's probably waiting for you to make the first move because she is scared or embarrased, thinking that u may not be i to her. Good luck :)

    • I don't know its like she's just in delay mode and keeps me waiting and waiting , I'm not sure what to do next , I keep talking to her and she keeps talking to me so there must be something she see's in me

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