What does this mean? She disabled her dating profile? was it for me?

Ok to sum it up:

-Met a girl on a dating site (okcupid)
-We got into an argument over something dumb, she said she didn't wanna date me anymore and said she's re-opening her okcupid account
-We still keep in contact, as friends. Later I brought up the argument and proved her wrong and told her i still wanted to be with her, she said she'll think about it
-She keeps in contact with me alot, texting me every morning and all day. I suggested dating to her and giving me a second shot and she felt I was pressuring her
-Last weekend she was "busy" and barely texted me
-Also previously I asked her why she has to think about it, i asked if there's another guy involved (as in she met someone else online) and she said no
-Today we talk as normal a bit, although I had noticed she had disabled her okcupid account (me and her were "Friends" for a week, she had her account open for a week).

Her disabling her account is something she said she would do if me and her went back to "talking", BUT she hasn't said anything to me yet about "talking" (aka dating without the title)

So what do I do?

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  • she wants to date you
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  • other (post what)
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i dont think i can ask her about the deleted profile. she knows i deleted mine, therefore the only way i could know would be if i was creeping and typed her account name in google (which i did LOL)

so what do i do/ how do i phrase it?


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  • she might just have a negative idea of online dating in general. I don't know what you guy were arguing over but was it necessary to try to prove to her that she was wrong and she should date you despite the disagreement because it's obvious the disagreement is based on her flawed perceptions and not yours? I would not date a guy who tried to talk to me in that way.

    • But she had the wrong idea, and i proved her wrong. why wouldn't i go outa my way to get the "Wrong image" out of someones head that i want to date?

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  • She may have deleted this Site to maybe Still keep you in mind, so the best thing to do Now is to play it cool and see where it goes. If you ask her about Why she had deleted This, she may not admit it, so play easy going and continue things as they are. I think when or If she is ready and really likes you, she will go back out with you. And if you see it's a no-go, then move on and open your account again.
    Good luck.xx

  • If she felt you were pressing her for that, maybe she would feel the same if you ask her if you understand what I mean? Sounds like maybe she would like some space and being the one taking things forward when she is ready, I mean you have clearly showed what you want so

    • very true. but she disabled her profile. it's either for me, or other reasons, or for another guy

      i was thinking of asking her where me and her stand within a week. is that ok? or anything else i should try?

    • It won't change however she feels if you ask her, I mean since she knows what you want, I'd say the best thing to do would be give her some space, and if you feel like it's slipping away after some time, then ask her so you will know if it is because she is not interested

  • I think you should let her go. Neither asking nor dating. This relationship has been toxicated somehow. She needs some space and you need some time to calm a bit.

  • To be honest with you, she sounds like a nutcase. You don't want to date a nutcase do you? If so, I can suggest many insanity assylums :)

    • how is she a nut case?

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    • I did, how about answering my question,

    • Well she is clearly avoiding you, and using you to to get her ego picked up. She doesn;t know what she wants and you are clearly devastated by this. She sounds like a sociopath! Face it buddy, she is not thinking of you as a priority, but an option for her use. Bitches like that make me SO mad!

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