Guy from online and I supposed to meet tomorow do I text him?

We spoke on phone Friday and he texted me Friday evening Saturday and Sunday. But he hasn't texted me today.

We said on the phone that we will meet on Tuesday but he asked me if we can talk between the phone call and the date.

Is he ignoring me now? I mean we have not met yet. Maybe he is waiting for me to text him because he made a lot of effort? Or did he just forget me?

We really seemed to hit it off. I am very disappointed. On the other hand maybe because we are supposed to go out he just figured well talk tomrrow?

Or did he just ditch me? I don't know what to do or think. Help?


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  • Just make sure you tell someone where you are going, just in case.

  • you call him. and tell him im disapointed now you must make it up for me.


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