I like him, but dos he like me back?

I've liked this guy for a yea, but i can't tell if he likes me back. We have been best friends for a long time and i think that he only thinks of me as a friend. On a scale of 1-10 he gave me an 8 for looks and a 9.5 for personality. Some of my friends said that he was just trying to be nice. But when he told me that he wouldn't want to date me some of my other friends told me that he just didn't want to ruin our friendship. Do u think that he likes me?


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  • Maybe if you have a strong friendship is common not wanting to ruin it there's many other girls that don't mean so much, so why risk the important girl that is your friend (=.

    I personally don't like to risk a friendship for random sex and some dates.

  • I like him, but dos he like me back?
    Can't say unless we can see a picture of your back.


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