Do guys often mention girls to their parents?

So I know he talks about me to his parents. And his dad is like you haven't mentioned a girl so
Much since (ex) is this good


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  • We will mention our girlfriends to our parents. However, we don't usually mention girls we aren't in a relationship with, even if we like them.

    • This makes me curious, so even if this guy is crazy for me he wouldn't even mention me once to his parents because we're not officially a couple? Cause I somehow get this feeling that his parents don't know I exist yet.

    • But he talks about a girl to his parents like he hasn't done it since his ex and he broke up. What is the percent chance he likes me.

    • @Oblivion813 That is correct. We only talk about girls if we are in a relationship. There are very few exceptions.

      However, if a guy were to mention a girl to his parents and he wasn't dating the girl, then hat would mean he likes the girl a lot.

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