I think this girl would enjoy going swimming with me but not sure she's ready for me to see her in a bikini any thoughs on this?

this girl I'm friends with is really into swimming and so far its a warm summer here , I like to go swimming a lot myself so its something we both have in common and I think it be fun to go swimming with her. I'd like to ask her to go swimming with me as I go to a lot of different locations during summer and be fun to have her around.
but not sure about whole bikini thing or if she's ready for me to see a lot more of her body yet. she has really nice boobs and I worry she'd just think I wanted to see them was reason I wanted to go swimming not actual swimming. and she has her belly button pierced and I saw it once before and she got all weird and though I was staring at it , not sure she's ready to show it to me yet. or she'd think I just wanted to see her body was reason I wanted to go swimming

anyways I think she'd really have fun if we went swimming but not sure if I should ask as she may think its just about sex or me wanting to see more of her body


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  • It would only be something I'd be willing to do with a group especially if I didn't know a guy well. She's defiantly realized your attracted to her and if she's not attracted to you or made her mind up then she will get weirded out.

    • but I worry her gf's may have same issue when in bikini as one is very good looking blonde and I might not be able to not look at her but I agree a group outing might go over better

    • A group I would think would be at least a handful of people a mix of guys and girls. If the idea of being around girls in swimwear makes you feel uncomfortable maybe swimming isn't the best outing. Again a group setting is more forgiving although girls can usually tell when guys are checking them out and girls usually tell other girls when they catch guys creeping on each other. It's just our nature. ha Swimming can be a really great way to get to know each other though. It can break sexual tension if you've been checking her out and she's been checking you out it gets things out in the open so to speak,

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  • Do it, ask to go swimming. As long as during the whole time your not staring at her (while she's looking =P) then your good, just remember. Her face is up, and your set.

    • should I ask if she wants to bring a friend maybe? so she knows we won't be alone? would that make it better for her maybe , I'm not sure I could avoid looking at her a bit

    • that could help, you could also make it a group outing (if you have a bunch of friends that also enjoy swimming).

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