How do I get this guy that I have liked for a really LONG time?

There is this guy, he HAD a gf, but when he was dating her, he was flirting with me. But they're broken up now and I'm nothing to him. He's just "flirting" with this other girl that is (not to be rude) ugly!!
Is he trying to make me jealous? Or what?


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  • I will not bash you or say anything bad about you of course because who is anyone to judge :) but your profile pic does say a lot about you. I definitely have to agree with ManThatKnewTooMuch... you don't seem like girlfriend material and truthfully most guys would see you more as a fling than as girlfriend material. It's just the truth about how a guy's mind works :)


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  • You're not girlfriend material. Just look at what you wrote. Super shallow. Look at your photo, is that really you? Yeah you're hot, but again, shallow.

    • To try and get him you need to tone it down. Humble up. Act wifey. That's what I'd like. Like I said, it's obviously not the looks that's scaring him away so it's gotta be something else, and that other shit I told you must be it. Not trying to be mean.

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    • wassup girl? I give you solid information and you go and give Most Helpful to that chick? lol

      It's not what she said about the picture. I didn't use the picture to judge you. It was STRICTLY how you wrote your question. I made a judgment call on it. Believe it or not, guys actually think about character and compatibility. It's not always about how hot you look. And you do look B-O-M-B.

      The way you wrote your comment was funny too. Picture might look slutty but it's not... something about you having big boobs... lol. Babe, it's got absolutely nothing to do with that. Sure, you look flirty in your picture, like a pretty girl that just teases guys all day long, but big boobs aren't going to make you an automatic ho-bag.

      You want to win him over? Go out with me and make him jealous. ;o) But seriously, just be a good person. Try talking to him more and not just that flirtation bull shit. actually talk to him.

    • When he gets to know you maybe he'll want to date you. Something I noticed about really pretty girls is that they tend to be slobs, they don't clean up after themselves, they can't cook, they need a lot of attention, they are also high maintenance.

      Do any of those things describe you? Even if you deny it, has ANYONE ever told you that you are? Seriously, I want to know. More advice coming your way if you answer.

  • Sounds like he likes the chase and tease. Don't waste your time with games and drama. Be with a guy that wants YOU, not playing games.

  • If that is you in your profile pic you are hot. Either that are you are a really good picture taker. He doesn't seem to like you. Maybe you should play hard to get and see if he takes the bait. I do not advise games, but you could try that.

  • you dont want a guy who's going to flirt with other girls while they're in a relationship.

    • but yes, it does sound like he's trying to make you jealous.

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  • I agree with the ManThatKnewTooMuch. You're profile pic tells all that I need to know about you, and trust me hun, it's not good.

    • Like what's bad about it? ( not trying to say it in a sassy/ride way) but do I need to be less slutty or is the photo just too revealing?