Is awkward silence a sign that you two just don't click?

I was wondering more owards the initial stages of dating. Maybe between the first and fourth date. I've heard from both make and female friends that they'd be dating someone and it's difficult to have a conversation with them or that there is a lot of awkward silence. I know later on this isn't so much a problem but the initial stages of dating or a relationship it might be.

Would it be worth moving on, sticking it out or just talking to your partner about it if you end p in one of these situations?


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  • That or you are two boring people that dont have anything to talk about

    • The honesty here makes me laugh.

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    • Ok. I technically already sent it.

    • Haha, ok

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  • It depends.

    A little bit of silence during a date is fine.
    But if it happens during the entire date and a lot then those two people don't have a lot in common
    It's normal to pause, and to think
    "What to say next?" when you're just meeting someone.
    Eventually instead of always thinking of something to say,
    those two people will gain their own experiences together and be able to talk about that.

  • I don't think so... it's normal in the initial stages. But what matters more is do you like him? If it's awkward silence because you literally have nothing to say to him and wouldn't care if you never speak to him again, then yea he's not for you

    • It would be a her in my case :P. it wouldn't be that I have nothing ti say just maybe finding difficulty on common interests to talk about. Even if there are different common interests that'd be ok to talk about too. I just noticed some people (women in my case though I know men probably do it too) are harder to talk to than other people. It could be a lack of interest on their part or my part. Though if they don't talk much I was jsut wondring if it's worth sticking it out or just moving on.

    • Oops sorry. Haha. In general it is easier to talk to someone of the same sex, I think that's why most "best friends" are from the same sex, etc. And that's why when a guy and a girl really hit it off they start dating

      If you think it's worth it stick around if not then don't. It really depends on how much effort you wanna put into her

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  • You're the guy, and she may have found you attractive when you two met. You two get out on a date and you talk, but there are some awkward silences.
    The key here is to get her talking, so you do have to gauge her by what interests her, or finding common interests. It would help you to make her more comfortable around you and to get her to open up. Take the lead. If she isn't following you on your lead and is making it difficult to talk, then it's possible that you two aren't a match.

    I find awkward conversations that are good are because you two are just feeling eachother out and deciding where to go from there. One date isn't going to make up the mind of a mature and reasonable girl either unless you had one of those inappropriate moments that caused awkward silence.

    • Yeah I get what you mean. If a girl was making it hard to speak I'd assume she isn't really interested or doesn't want to be there. On the flip side she could just be shy though I assumed this would be determined by making another date.

  • Awkward silence early on might be a small sign, yeah. But at the same time, sharing comfortable silence can be really awesome too. Those moments usually come later on in relationships though.

  • Not always. In the initial stages, if she's quiet and appears nervous, she really likes you.

  • Initially silence isn't bad but if it continues I would consider it a bad sign yeah.

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