Girlfriend worried about future?

I moved to a new city about 6 months ago for a project. The job ends in December at which point I may be moved to a new city. There's also a chance I could stay here a few more years.

I started dating a girl a few months ago and now she's uncomfortable with the fact that my job is so up in the air for the future. She told me she doesn't want to get serious with such a big unknown.

We have hung out a few times since we talked about this but I think we're done romantically. My take is that a lot can happen between now and December and if it's the real deal I can always find a new job to keep me here. This does not do much to ease her mind.

We still see each other and go out but not as a couple even though I would like to be. How do I play this?


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  • The only thing you can do is try to show her that you either see a future with her or are determined to see if there is something between you. It's not gonna be easy but if she is too hesitant than maybe it's not the right timing

  • If you can, demonstrate some sort of "certainty" in regards of how you picture you together. Give her a reason why she should not worry. Something that can kill the hope for a relationship is uncertainty and feeling like this is only a temporary thing, like a summer love that will anyway end and some women don't want to waste their time on someone that will go. If you truly like her and want to negotiate a life plan with her, then talk it with her. If you're not sure of anything, then don't encourage her to think that there is a chance when there really isn't. Trust your gut feeling and make a decision. December is 6 months away, might seem long, but you know time doesn't forgive anybody. Start making some choices.


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