I have feelings for my friend but I'm unsure what to do?

I have feelings for a friend of mine, her and I get along way too easily and natural, whenever we hang out we tend to talk about our futures, we joke about marrying each, talk about what we like and dislike and our eyes tend to lock for seconds and I'm not sure whether to kiss her or not. We're very playful and flirty too, but just unsure on whether I'm friendzoned or not. How do I go on from this situation?


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  • Sounds like she may have some feelings for you. What i would do is tell her how you feel, and add that if she doesn't feel the same way you would love to be friends with her. If she locks eyes with you like that, kiss her :) dont worry about that whole friendzone crap, you'll be fine. Good luck :)

    • thanks :) i'm not much of a person who explains how I feel, i prefer to show it and let things fall into place, but in this case i feel it's different. atm i'm scared of scaring her away... :/

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