My friend with benefits said he loves me via text?

Okay so i met him in a store he started talking to me telling me im pretty and then he took me to his house and we didn't fuck but we smoked and drank (with other people)
A week later we had sex , to me it was nothing and i didn't know he wanted to see me again after that.. I thought it was just a one night stand and i was okay with it
He called me the day after and we fucked again
We dont even talk i dont know anything about him and he doesn't know anything about me we just smoke and fuck
He texted me "i love you" why would he fall in love so fast? I dont catch feelings all we do is having sex we dont even conversate he is cute but i dont want to date a guy i fucked on the second date
I dont know if he has other patners but i do


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  • You had sex, it's normal to find someone more attractive after sex

    • i thought it was the opposite

    • I thought guy lose respect for girls after they have sex

    • Not at all, we tend to respect and love them more after sex!

  • He probably didn't mean it the way you interpreted it, it sounds like he was trying to be playful


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