How to get a guy to be a little more relaxed with sexting, flirting ect..?

The guy im currently dating seems to be shy when it comes to texting. Im not haha at all. i have tried to kind of lead into sexting or at least flirting. nothing too crazy because if he is uncomftorable i dont want to freak him out but i guess my question is anyone have advice on getting him out of that texting shyness. and to all the guys do you like when the girl inciates the sexting? Any tips? thanks :)


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  • First things first: it may be as boring as him having a low limit on the number of texts he can send per month. If that's not it, he might be insecure about who else besides you will see those texts. Even if he's confident that you'll keep them private, he might be reluctant to leave something personal like that on your phone, totally out of his control, for somebody else to see if somebody takes your phone or if you have a falling out.

    If you really want to do it, yeah, I'd be happy if the girl started the practice, because I'd know it's something she wanted, not something she's doing grudgingly because she doesn't want to reject me early in the relationship. To convince him you want him to participate, you really have to ask directly and let him know you like it. Not saying you should start with naked selfies or pornographic suggestions, but somethong mildly intimate to let him know this message is for him only, and that you'd like the action reciprocated.

    • thanks! i will be sure to mention that i wouldn't do something with it. :)

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  • I feel awkward doing it. I would rather be there with the girl I was texting, instead of having an erected mushroom tip in public

    • well i always make sure its when he is isn't out haha but i get what you mean i do see him a few times a week I don't know i just find it as good foreplay.

  • Send a sexy picture that'll get it started lol

    • I've kind of tried. he had snapchatted me a picture of something im petrified of so i was jokeingly telling him i was mad at him and we went back and forth joking around then i sent him a picture in the shower nothing explict just my wet bare shoulder and said " well now this and allother body parts are off limits for now for that ;) and i got something like haha

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