Why are people so Judgmental when it comes to dating?

I have been judged for my looks, personality and behavior. When girls/guys look at me, they do not see me, they see what they want and how I should look like in their image. Why are people Shallow?


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  • It's because they are brainwashed. It's all superficial based on appearance and meaningless survival, which is actually a disguise to annihilate mass numbers of people in these big cities otherwise known as population control.

    People here are literally competing to look the worst and to be the worst. The media is encouraging girls and boys to look like dead corpses, that ain't real beauty, health is real beauty, but people litereally want to look worse off. Even when I was anorexic I never thought thin was pretty, it just reminded me of death and so I strived to become it because I had a lot of problems.

    The media says "Put on all this makeup to get ready for the mortician. Make sure you look as white as snow with red and black around your eyelids, make your eyelashes look like spiders are crawling out of your eye sockets, and starve yourself so you look like a skeleton."

    Meanwhile the media is saying, "Eat all this food laced witch chemicals and drink this water with hydroflouric acid, take all these pills, follow these fad diets and strive to be inhuman"

    So people try to figure out: Who can be the most cruel, who can score the most ass, who can drink the most beer, who can be the most deranged and mentally ill, who can rebel the most...

    Nobody is trying to be a good person anymore because I swear society is obsessed with death. Why? People are so LOST in this society, they don't have their culture, their ancestry, their history, they don't have a REAL community, they don't have any LIFE PURPOSE, it's all stolen from them, they don't have any REAL FREEDOM, they are just pawns, all slaves to the government and deep inside their misery is evident enough that they KNOW this world is killing them but they just do not care, secretly suicidal, it's a death trap
    It's all a giant conspiracy to lead people astray!


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  • Everybody judges get used it. Judging is just making an observation. If any one of your 5 senses works then you aee going to be making judgement about everything. It's how we xollect information about our enviornment.
    Condemning is different. To condemn is to punish. What you are referring to is people are condemning you by labeling you something or taking a course of action concerning you.
    Judging means they are figuring out who you are.
    Condeming means what they decided to do about you based on how you made them feel.

    I really wished people learned the difference between judging and condemning. It's as innacurate as that stupid YOLO phrase.


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