If this model had social anxiety disorder could he get a someone like this? ?

If David Gandy:


had social anxiety disorder and was painfully shy, could he get a really attractive women.

Some examples:

The first model on this page


Lets say David Gandy wasn't a model but had social anxiety disorder and was painfully shy of people.


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  • I read he had body dysmorphic disorder too. He could definitely attract women but he might be too untrustful and thus picky. Or he could be trustful and unpicky, depends on his experience. From what I've read its the 1st scenario.
    Wow, I have social anxiety too. Makes me feel better ^_^ Not that it's a good thing or anything to be happy about but I can relate.
    Also, when one has bdd, social anxiety is guaranteed. So, obviously if he didn't have bdd he wouldn't have suxh a hard time with his social anxiety.

    • Also what's the relevance of the 1st link, I don't get it?

    • Oh ok, nm. David Gandy could get almost any woman. He could have the most beautiful women in the world or fellow supermodels let alone the women in those links.

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  • Of course he could.


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