When she suddenly dont reply to your Facebook message, what does it mean?

I added this girl that i like on facebook, she doesn't know me personally but introduced myself to her on a chat and she was trying to remember when i probably saw her and she mentioed the same place i saw her but when i told her that she was right about the guess she didn't reply anymore.I actually pushed myself to do this since im not good at girls and a lot of people have been telling me to try out but look at what i get, kinda dipressing.


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  • I have been having the same problem with boys lately, the idea that they don't reply. But the best answer I could think of is maybe she is not that interested. You never know though, you cannot tell what another is thinking. I say move on and find another. If she is not talking to you then it is obviously not meant to be. I am sorry if this disappoints you at all. Good luck though, and keep trying because you could get lucky :).


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