How not to get attached with a playboy?

I enjoy and comfortable to make love with i am only have sex partner and that was him but he said that he is a playboy and he is sleeping with other girls.
i sometimes get hurt but i know i dont have right because as he said we are friends share benefits to each other we go out sometimes and he take me to shopping buy a new dress or anything that i need.

i feel i am attached with him so i have to take a one month break off.
i said i am getting attached and i need to take a break so he replied saying i hope i find my happiness
my question is it do i need to continue to sleep or how not to be emotional involved with him.
he hugs me after make love, he let me to sleep over, he say the words I love you he also let me meet his friends'

i dont want to think we are in a relationship also i dont want to mislead myself but i feel he misleading me.


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  • there is no way not to get attached other than just being lucky. feelings are not so much in ones control. you just have to stop having sex or even stop having contact with him as soon as it happens.


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