2nd date

I have gone out with this amazing girl last weekend. We had a good time. We speak regularly on the phone or on msn. So I asked her out again and she did say she was having a busy week at school. So I let her be. I didn't speak to her again that day. Later on, I got a completely random email from her basically just a teasing one. I didn't reply to that one, got another email with the same random stuff and finally a text MSG. I replied to the text msg. I tried calling her yesterday I got her room mate who said she wasn't around and would pass her my message. The girl calls me back after 2 hours and we had another chit chat.

I was thinking about taking her out for dinner tomorrow. I know that she is going to be in the library tomorrow evening, my strategy is just going to the library and telling her that we are going for a quick bite as she will not be expecting the dinner. From past experiences,I have realized that I need to be assertive on her. If ask her out she will act all shy and flake out. But if I am assertive, then she behaves herself...is this normal behavior? Does she enjoy being chased? As she waits for me to call/email/text first, but she always replies/calls back. Will my strategy of surprising her pay dividends or make me look like a creep?


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  • Here's my rule of thumb:

    If someone wants to go out with you, they make time for you. Period.

    My life's too short for 8th grade headgames, or girls who think it's cool to see four guys at once and string me along as a Plan B.

    Cut out the constant chit-chatting. You're not one of her girlfriends, so don't act like one. Don't talk to her except to set up dates, and on the dates. This shows that you're not going to communicate at her whim.


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