Is it too late for a second chance with him?

I dated a guy I met online pretty intensely for just over two weeks. I've never experienced a guy being so into me.. SO many compliments, he wanted to see me all the time but tried to act cool about it, really took care of me, asked lots of questions about myself, and was a 100% gentleman all the times. He's not *really* my type, but I decided to give it a shot because he's an extremely nice and attractive.

On the Saturday evening of the 2nd weekend we spent together (we've slept together many times etc), I suddenly acted distant and rude because I started to lose interest... I didn't laugh at his jokes, didn't really touch him, said no to everything he offered etc... I continued to behave this way when we woke up in the morning.

We had plans to see each other later that day, so when I texted him to ask if a different guy friend could come too (which I told him about earlier), he said that this wasn't working and that we're too different and maybe we should spend the day apart. I apologized for acting childish the night before, told him I really could fall for him, and asked if we could talk about it in person. He said that we could talk about it over a coffee next week and said I was a great girl and he could fall for me too, but he didn't appreciate having to fight for my attention so he needs some time to think... I asked if we could meet that evening, he said we'll text later. I texted him later and he was still busy and we could "do it some other day". I texted saying I could come by tomorrow (yesterday) and he didn't reply. Now he's traveling for a few days. I regret my behavior a lot and really want another chance with him.

What can I do to make him meet up with me, or at least reply? Is it too late? :( :(

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  • Do exactly he suggested, meet next week for coffee. He understandably needs time to think, I wouldn't take kindly to your actions and it would honestly be a complete deal breaker for me. You'd have to fight real hard to get me back after that.

    Ask him if you can go get that coffee that he talked about. Tell him that you're still sorry and that you want to give him the attention he deserves. Complement him. Treat him like he treated you. Even if he doesn't respond at first, just keep texting him compliments. That's really the only way I see him giving you another chance. That's what you'd have to do for me. He needs to see that you are going to put more effort into this than you were before.

    Good luck! :)

    • just wanted to say thanks for your really quick and good answer :):)

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