Does he just not want to take me out?

Sunday he asked me out. he is a guy I work with, we were suppose to meet today at a restaurant. I waited 45 mins never showed. He gave me his phone number, but didn't want mine, because he would get it when I call. I so I texted he responded with "I have to take a raincheck, I am taking brother to hospital, he may be having a heart attack" I just can't imagine someone making that up, so i told him, I hope he gets better. He responded "I know, but can we do it next week sweetie" I didn't respond after that.

Would someone actually make up a story like this? I feel so depressed. What would you do in this situation?


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  • if it is a made up story then you can get evidence easily to prove if it is real or not. its hard to hide the facts of my brother might have a heart attack so I went to the hospital. just give it some time and then see what happens. don't jump to any conclusions yet. it was just a date, granted it sucks being stood up but if he is telling the truth then it seems within reason.

    • He wants to reschedule for next week.. I don't know if I should. I don't want to look like a fool again, like I did standing outside by myself today.

    • omg I feel sorry for you just picturing that in my head:( *hugs* haha well just wait until next week comes a little closer and see how you feel. don't rush to any decisions now. give it some time. your mind might change.

    • awesome sauce! tyVM:)

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  • Yikes…I would hope he's not making that up! Seems a bit weird though that he would give you his number but not take yours...

    • He told me he would get my number when I called him. I thought it was odd too.

  • I think it's bogus he stood you up basically. Does it seem he likes you the way you like him? Does he show interest?

    • yes, I wanted to provide links to my other questions where I ask why his he kissing my hand, hugging, me calling me beautiful, sweetheart etc. But it said I had to be an XPER 3.