How to prove to my boyfriend I love him?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 months and I really like him I think I'm starting to fall for him and he wants me to prove to him that I love him but we r both virgins and I don't think he wants in my pants and we r only 15 he's about to turn 16 and its over text message but I really need help please


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  • You think you might love him, but I can assure you it is not love. I can also assure you that when he says he wants you to prove it that he wants in your pants!!! Without a doubt in my mind! If you really do like him, stop texting and see each other in person. I know how it is at your age, you feel like every new relationship is the best thing ever, and that's ok. It's all part of growing up. Whatever you do play hard to get. 16 year old boys all want what they can't have. So don't have sex with him unless you really want to. If you do please make sure he wears protection. Since you are both virgins, not only is it not going to be very comfortable, but will probably last about two minutes. You don't want to pay for that for the next 18 years of your life.

    • Please listen to this^
      You are too young to be having sex yet tbh, and if he gets angry/starts ignoring you if you refuse to have it with him then you know he is just trying to use you

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  • It's all over text message? So like, you've never met him?
    Because if you haven't met him face-to-face, then trust me, you don't love him...
    but hey, it's your life. If you want him to know you love him-
    tell him it! Just say I love you and explain to him that you don't say that lightly
    and that he's the boy of your dreams :)

    • No we have met before we see each other all the time but right now he's on vacation so we can't see each other till he gets back

    • ohhhhhhh I was going to say! haha, well then ask him if you guys can have a date night and do something cute and when he drops you off at the house, grab his hand and just tell him how you feel! Something along the lines of
      "We've been together for what seems like forever, even though I know it's only been four months. I can honestly say I'm really falling for you... and I think I'm in love with you."
      & then pause to see what he says,
      (hopefully it goes well and he agrees, he's in love with you too)
      and then you kiss and right when you go into the door, turn back to him & say I love you :)
      or text him 2 mins later and say it if that's less awkward haha :P

  • What do you think he means?