What did he mean when saying both of these things?

My bf and i were talking about how we want kids together in the future. And if it happend now we wouldn't be upset about it. I told him I'm on birth control pills and smoke cigs alot. So it makes it harder to get pregnant. Then I jokingly said do you just want me to quit taking my pills and he said I didn't say that. I know this is tmi but he finishes inside me all the time. Also I said I have baby fever especially around my nieces and nephews and he's like yeah I can tell. I said oh is that good or bad and he said it's neither. What did he mean by that?


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  • worlds not black and white


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  • For the "I didn't say that."
    that's basically a no, keep on the pill. He just didn't want to say that because you might've seemed kind of serious and like something you'd want to do and he didn't want to hurt your feelings.
    as for the "neither"
    I'm guessing he means it's not necessarily bad to have baby fever, but he doesn't really want any at the moment so he would rather you not get the idea that he wants a baby seriously right now. So, it's not bad in general but not good for you right now. Therefor, "neither".