About to have a first kiss. ? How can I prepare?

I'm inexperienced and he isn't. so what should I do? please help.!! I've been dating this guy and I have a feeling we will kiss soon

Also he's way taller than me... He's 5'11 and I'm 5'2


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  • I remember being nervous for my first kiss and I even rememer searching on YouTube for a video about 'how to kiss'. It didn't help much. I laugh about it know but I know it felt serious at the time being.
    Fiest of all, I suppose you know the rules: 1) too much tongue isn't good, it feels like kissing a washing machine. 2) no tongue at all isn't good neither, it's boring.
    I would say, first make sure your mouth is cleand and that it doesnt't smell bad/have bad breath. Having a chewing gum before kissing or the date, but remember to chuck it away before you kiss!!!
    I would say, if he's experienced, ten the first kiss, let him go for it (as always, I prefer guys first when it comes to the first kiss) and let him guide you and show you how to kiss, without necessarily asking!! Just follow the rhytm and try to let go and just think about kissing and how much you like him.
    By the way, if he does the washing machine kiss, try to stop him, without being rude, just slowly stop kissing him and then look at him in the eyes, then you have to go for it, kiss him again. But this time, you'll have the opportunity to show him how you best like to be kissed. So don't let him guide you now!
    After that, you can tease him by going to kiss him and not kissing him, then smiling and then finally kissing him.

    PERSONAL PREFERENCE: I like to play with his hair. But don't go to overboard ;)
    I know its silly, but for my first kiss (with tongue and as a serious kiss with my boyfriend) I remember feeling different emotions and even feeling like having sex. But don't go too quick. If you feel it too it will be normal as you will be excited for the fact that you're kissing and the fact that you're loving and being loved.
    Don't overthink stuff too much, it usually never turns up right when you do overthinking. Just relax and let the moment be magic as a first kiss experience. I repeat: NO RUSHING. You'll have time. Hope I helped xx

    • Thank you so much !!! This helps lots💕💕💕

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    • Thanks for the most helpful 💕😊

    • No prob! 😊

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  • Don't worry. It will come naturally. ;-)

  • it will go kinda automatic, just make sure you're mouth smells/tastes clean ;)

  • Don't worry too much! You'll be just fine. Just let it come naturally :)