I think the girl I want to date might be seeing someone but its not clear if she is or not?

should I just ask her? if she is or isn't seeing this guy.

I saw them together at the bar but the week before she wasn't with him and appeared single as I had talked to her for a while and she never mentioned him. he also apparently lives out west for work so not really here much if at all , how can they be dating? have to be long distance thing if they were and she doesn't seem the type for that. her gf said they were dating the night I saw them at bar but not sure I believe her , would it hurt to ask for clarity? as I'm still interested in dating her myself if she's available

  • ask for clairty
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  • assume there dating and move on
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  • assume they aren't dating and keep hitting on her
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  • other please explain
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  • If you are interested in her it would be best to ask her out (not if she is with him, keep the attention on you two not him and her because it sounds jealous which isn't attractive). Then, if you ask her out, if she says yes you can presume they aren't together, and if she says they are together then you find out in a better way, and if she says no but doesn't mention him then you have closure


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  • You have 2 options ask or get punched in the face by said boyfriend for putting the moves on her

    • its weird he didn't seem that angry at me or even care much about me the night I saw him at bar , first time I had ever seen him though which is why I doubt there dating as I've seen a lot of her last year or so

    • Don't ask her out women act dumb and stupid if they feel 2 guys are pursuing her and they act like they are all that instead get to know her while talking to other girls at the same time

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