Help me figure him out and what his intentions are?

I've recently starting meeting up with a boy I've talked to online for awhile. We've always been pretty flirty and I've always had a bit of a thing for him and I sensed the same from him. We've always had a pretty solid friendship formed. But since I've recently moved to his town we've been hanging out.
The first time we meet up, he gave me the choice of doing whatever I wanted with him (movies, drinking) I asked if we could just go back to his and watch a movie since I was still a little nervous in a big town coming from such a small place. Cuddles took place and he asked me a lot of questions and seemed pretty interested. Before taking me home, he offered a hug which turned into a kiss.
Afterwards, we still talked but not more or less often and it made me a little confused that he acted completely normal about it.
The next time we meet up, a week later, we drove around town and talked, then went back to his again and played on his PS4. Then randomly he turned it off and we spooned on his couch doing nothing but kissing now and then and talking.
A few days ago I went to his again and I ended up staying the night because he couldn't give me a ride home because of us drinking. We hadn't done anything for the 3 hours of just talking and watching breaking bad. And I was a little confused we hadn't cuddled or anything.
When we went to bed, he offered me his onsie to sleep in which was pretty cute. We then spooned in bed that after awhile turned a bit hot and we ended up giving oral to each other. In the morning we cuddled heaps and talked alot. He introduced me to his flatmate/best friend and we all talked for a bit. Then he gave me a ride home around lunch

The only thing that is really confusing me is the fact I don't know what it is. He's always calling me adorable and really making me feel welcome. He's never said anything about feelings though and neither have I. He seems a little hot and cold sometimes but I feel like I could just be over thinking it.


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  • I feel you are over thinking it. He seems to really be into you if you can cuddle and talk that much and what you described is seemingly progressing in the direction you want.

    If you calls you adorable and is making you feel welcome then you have 99% more than what I read in some of the other posts here; a guy who seems to treat you right and is not aggressive, appears to be attentive to you needs more or less. You appear to have a guy who is gentle and has a romantic side (what is called a "nice guy").

    Stop thinking, go cuddle and enjoy the ride :)


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