My girlfriend is being bullied pretty bad. I want to help but she doesn't let me, and im kindof afraid, What do I do?

The guys who are bullying her are 2 years older than us, went to military school, and have anger issues.
I want to help her but I cant, and she doesn't let me.
Is she not letting me because she doesn't want me to get hurt or because she wants to deal with them on her own? I don't know how to help her but really want to.


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  • Well I was getting bullied badly an I honestly was the same way and I didn't want him to do anything. it got so bad and i didn't see it but he saw the effects so he didn't give me an option and he just stepped in. I'm glad he did because I could've gotten seriously hurt! I may not have been thrilled with him at first but after I was soooo thankful he did!

    • Thank you, once it allows me you will be MH.

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    • Not going to happen. We were on rough asphalt and her friend tried holding her back, but she pushed her friend across the asphalt and she weighs more than me. No way I can stop my gf from doing this stuff. But I can definitely try.

    • That's ally can do! Just try and focus on her. Divert her attention to u and then get her out that's what my ex did I don't know like I said just try to get her away that's the best u can do

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  • I think she doesn't want to see you get hurt. Is the bullying physical or verbal? Either way, depending on the severity, I would consider getting administration involved, and at the least, continue giving her the support she needs. If it feels appropriate, you could also ask her why she feels she doesn't want your help. Let your heart guide you, and if it gets out of hand, you'll instinctively know what you need to do. I wish you the best.


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  • Bruh they'd have to beat the shit out of me. I'd go down swinging.

    • Yes but this guy stabbed his mother with a knife (reason he went to military school)

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    • Maybe it's not the best option idk. I was just saying what I'd do. Maybe I'm bone headed when it comes to that.

    • It's always good to have a knife. You never know when you may need it. Not talking about cutting people but maybe you need to cut something and it's just handy. Like a pen.

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