My girlfriend is coming over on Friday for a campfire in my backyard, but she is bringing her friend because she is sleeping over?

How do I get my girlfriend alone so I can kiss her? My dad will also be there along with 2 of my friends.
I really want to get her away from the crowd so we can make out or so I can make a move.
How do I get her away from the crowd?


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  • take her some place private like your room or room that no one else is in , that's what I'd do. or you can just be open about it and kiss her in front of everyone as they already know your dating

    • Not everyone knows were dating. And my mom will never let a girl into my room. She will be inside playing her game all freakin night.
      I can't get into the house so I have to do something outside.

    • is there a convenience store nearby? could you claim to have to go to store for something like buy chips or pop and take her with you for a walk? that would give you some alone time

    • That's actually a great idea.
      If this works you get MH.

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  • Well she may be afraid things will go too far if you're by yourselves.

    • I can tell you for sure that's not it. My girlfriend has races every Saturday. Yes she's a racer. Anyways, her friend has ben trying to stay over for weeks now, and she is watching the race.
      So their moms allowed them to stay over. And me and her have been alone once or twice before, it went well.

    • Okay, well I didn't know that. It definitely could be her friend just tagging along. Try to get her alone while they are over there. If her friends a true friend, then she'll be a good wingman.

    • Her friend is an annoying snob who always get in the way. She tried to stop us from kissing once, so I hate her guts. (In a nice way)

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  • Invite her inside to get something to drink. Or offer to show her where the bathroom is, or go in to make a snack