I'm in an internal crisis right now?

So the guy that I'm currently talking to (we have only talked over the phone, tho and through text so far) and we ahve talked about 6 times so far. He is the guy I will prolly be getting engaged to altho he is not my fiance yet. Today was the 6th time we talked and we had a pretty nice conversation. At the end, he said "I love you." I was in shock when he said that because we have only talked 6 times and we haven't had a huge thing going yet, he's not even my fiance yet! I donno what to think of this... is this normal or is it a red flag? He just let it slip so easily, he was like, "I love you!"

I like him and we do like eachother but i would not say its love. Is it a red flag if he can say it so easily?

Helpful answers would be really... helpful :)

Just to make it clear, I am currently 17 and will be getting engaged by my 18th birthday (for those who are worried that im under 18. And no, I am not trolling. I am sincerely looking for helpful answers.


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  • You are under 18.
    You have only talked 6 times.
    You have never talked in person.
    You plan on getting engaged after 6 conversations.
    ARE You trolling? Yes it is a RED FLAG!!! Have you even met this guy?
    This is ludicrous

    • See update :-)

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    • Some of those customs man.. nothing you can do unknown it sucks but it is ingrained in their culture

    • Fucked up culture. And one can't talk until they have been through it themselves... it isn't as easy as "no one can tell you waht to do".

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  • You want get to know this guy more , make sure he isn't someone who
    is creeper , i can't judge the guy cause i don't know him, look out for ways
    he talks, does he use good language or is more likely very blunt, does he
    respect you when you two talk, how about the text messages are they
    good or do they seem to be bad ones. These are all things you got to look
    into before you can call this guy your boyfriend or anything more also if
    this guy seems to send you red flags than you got just keep distance from him
    just cause your age 17 going on age 18 doesn't mean this is the guy for you
    do you even know this guy in real life, these are all the things you got to look


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