How would you handle this situation?

You love someone, You ask them to be open about everything regarding them because mix signals are being shown. You tell the person how you feel, that you wanna work things out and the next day don't get any response, send a pic they respond to that but still don't answer your question. And you guys was dating 3 1/2 years in the same state living together and 9 months long distance. They don't talk to you unless you send a message to them and at times they don't respond entire day. But say they are with you and sure but, a few days you hear something but you have to constantly call or message them. The person has you name tattooed all on them and you just don't understand what's going on. No online contact between you have changed just the partner isn't communicating with you like they use too. You did nothing wrong to them but they seem to not care about how they do you. You have not cheated on them, helped in any way and also did once they moved out of town, even help family that disrespected me for no reason.


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  • you "love?" them

    they, along with their family, are showing confusing and unexplainable responses?

    ... get with someone who has no drama, friends or family, and wishes to be a part of your life exclusively!!!


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