Is he really thinking about breaking up?

Ok, here is the thing. My boyfriend for almost two years and I had a fight two days ago and I think I really hurt him this time. We broke up a few months ago because we were having serious issues and fighting and hurting each other all the time. He was having problems with everything in hos life and decide he needed time an we broke up. I never new how to handle that, i felt hurt and misserable and I begged him for weeks. When i got finally understood ans started to take care of me, he talked after a
Few days of no contact and we worked things out. The problem is that, since that happened I have become needy and whiny and I have to confess I've had trust issues, because one of the reasons we broke up in the first place he was unsure he loved me anymore when he got in touh with one of his ex-girlfriends. Nothing happened but it hurt me and caused this kind of reactions from me.
Two days ago, he wasn't answering my messages and I got mad. I had a terrible day and I think I said things I shouldn't have because i really hurt his feelings. I yelled about lots of rhings, it webt from money to his lack of time for me lately. He has been managing a business, went back to school and is exercising a lot so his time for me was reduced, but I have to accept, he was really trying. I wrote a lot of things because I was mad. I was mean and even abusive with some of my messages and I do t know what to do. Yesterday I tried to apologize but he pnly answered his phone to tell me that he doesn't want to speak to me right now, that he is hurt an is thinking about I he really wants this type of relation right know. He said he will call but asked me for time. I didn't react well because I want to know of rhings are really ending or this is just a pause that he needs, and that he still loves me and is willing to give me a second chance to actually have a better relationship. Today I texted to wish him a good day and he responded with a cold "good day" message. Is that good?


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  • I mean at least he's answering, right? that's good that he wants to give it a second chance. But im just worred about the hurting part. That won't lead to a good relationship, and if this is something serious (as in hurting) you should get out of it.. as hard as that could be. But in the end, you're going to do whatever you want.

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