Why is he pulling away from me suddenly?

I met a new guy online and we started to really hit it off. He is tall, intelligent and good looking. He would call me during the day and text me quite often. We haven't met yet, but we seem to like each other. But suddenly the phone call stopped and I only get a few texts now. So I am wondering why is he pulling away when everything seem fine? When I ask him, he says that he is not and we will be fine once we meet. But because of how he is acting now and some of the things he told me about him, I am skeptical about meeting him. He is into some things that I am not into and seems very jealous. So I know that we might have some compatibility issues, which would eventually be a deal breaker. How should I address this with him? Should I even try to meet him to see how things go or avoid meeting him knowing these issues in advance?


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  • If you don't think you're compatible then don't meet. A meeting after finding so many faults is a good way to mislead someone and make ending it all the more difficult.

    • Thank you for your comment! I am happy to know that me being skeptical about meeting him was not a bad thing.

    • Why build a bridge you think will collapse. Best of luck in your decision.

    • Well-said and I agree! I do not want to build the bridge at all. :) Thanks

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  • Well, meet in a public place, for one, if you decide to.

    Any relationship you enter will have its flaws. Everyone has their flaws. There will *always* be compatibility issues. If you keep searching for the perfect, Disney frog-turned-into-a-prince guy, it's probably not going to happen.

    Of course, you know what is and is not a deal breaker, so just follow what you feel.

    Couldn't hurt to meet up and see how it goes, however; you never know. Well, unless he's a crazy kidnapper or something. So, yeah, meet in a public place.

    • Thank you so much! I understand what you mean about everyone has flaws. I am not looking for the perfect guy, but someone I can connect to on many levels. I also know in my heart, based on the personal information he told me that we will never go anywhere beyond a friendship. So I was thinking that if he sees me and catches feelings for me, it would be harder to keep him away. So I will explain things on the phone and try to remain friends.

    • Np. Sounds good to me.

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  • Yea if you dnt thnk he's compatible with you then dnt meet him, explain it to him

    • Thank you for commenting! I will talk to him soon. It is better this way.