His response wasn't what I was looking for. Should I be worried or concerned?

I told the guy I'm talking to that I want us to always be able to talk and stuff cause I'm used to having him there. I told him this bc I'm having a hard time with some family stuff and the last thing I need is for him to come home and say he doesn't wanna be with me (he gets back from Afghanistan this weekend). He said I'm amazing and he wishes he was here bc he misses seeing me... it's sweet, but he says that all the time. I guess I was looking for him to reassure me that we can always stay in touch whatever happens. Is his response cliche and avoiding what I said? or should i accept it to be good enough?


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  • well he will be in touch with you for sure if you respond him in the way he want. may be he is not able to say what you want but you can make him do that by talking with him as he feel's that you are possessive towards him and you will get the same response from the guy.

  • You said what you wanted - he said what he wanted.
    You're complaining that he didn't reassure you that you could always get what you wanted, BUT... did you reassure him that he could always get what he wanted?


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