Girls, I want you to judge me, lol, for real though?

For real, give me a number between 1 and 10, date or pass. This is purely based off of looks.


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  • You have a really cute smile and I like the facial hair, I also am a massive Led Zep fan so I would date you just for wearing the shirt ;)


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  • You look dat-able. I dont give out numbers

  • one. Would put less if I could. Not joking

  • Horrible photo.

    Your eyes and squinted.
    And the angle makes your jaw look huge.

    I would rate you way better, if you took a better photo.
    Right now I give you a 4.

    I know you are probably way better looking than that.

    • Your eyes are squinted

  • That's a really bad angle to take a selfie. You should probably take the hat off. Maybe stand in front a waterfall? I don't know. You're unattractive, but that's honestly not the best picture in the world to display.

    • Sorry you're *NOT unattractive! *NOT! :)

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    • Lol, damn what's so wrong with me. Two of you girls think I look like shit, damn. I must be fucked, I guess i'll start collecting the cats around town lol

    • No, I don't think you look like shit. That's just not a good picture. You do look a tad creepy, and I'm sure anyone would if they took a picture the way you did.

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