Which religion will give me the most dating options in the US?

I am originally Hindu, but I am not hardcore about it at all and isn't really a part of who I am, so I'd be willing to convert if I had to in the future.

But in general, what religion will give you the most options in terms of dating?

Or Atheism?

Hinduism actually doesn't bash other religions because they believe that different religions are the just different point of views on the same God, so that's another reason why I wouldn't mind converting.


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  • I'm surprised noone said that, but I feel like using religions / believing in a religion only for date chances is very wrong... If you believe in Hindu, why would you change your religion ONLY to get better chances to be with women? I don't really understand it. Yes, you told about Hinduism but it doesn't really tell me why would a person want to change the religion for dating options. Sorry if I'm being closed minded though.

    If I have to answer, probably christianity or atheism would do that. I think majority is christian, and then atheists. It'll depend on the woman you want to be with...


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  • Atheism while dating and sleeping around, then become born again and marry some 20 year old virgin.

    I'm not suggesting you do this, just saying...

    • Sounds like the perfect path to follow for a hypocrite. :D

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  • I wouldn't change your religion for anyone.. Religion is at the core of your being, so even if you did outwardly change your religion, it wouldn't be necessarily attractive, because you should definitely be passionate and wholehearted about what you believe. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything for you to say you believe it. A lot of people will date people out of their religion, as long as neither of you try to force your religion on the other. When you start to raise children it could get difficult.

    • I am just worried man (or in this case, woman). You need to understand where I am coming from. I am short and I am a different race trying to date in America. That's quite a limiting factor already.

      Now like I said, I am only a "casual" when it comes to Hinduism. I don't eat beef, but other than that, I have almost no participation in Hinduism. In fact, polls indicate that my beliefs are more of an Atheist. If I left Hinduism, I would still not eat beef just because I never have and you know... but I wouldn't have any issues with my partner eating or even cooking beef in my presence or even kissing me right after.

      My concern is this:

      First Date (Act 1 Scene 1)

      Girl: What's your religion?
      Me: I am Hindu, but...
      Girl: *I am out.*

      (*'s indicate thoughts and not actually words spoken out loud).

    • I would say that the religion doesn't come into play until MUCH later.. I have been talking to a guy for two months and religion still hasn't come up.. (We hung out three times in a week, before he went back to Australia for a month and a half, which is why it hasn't progressed into a relationship) We have deep conversations all the time and we haven't even skimmed the religion topic. I would just try to figure yourself out... If you decide that you don't want to practice Hinduism anymore, then that's fine, but do it because that's how you feel! Then you can either decide to not believe in anything, or you can explore your options!
      Religion is a personal choice and a very important one at that. Even if you choose to believe in nothing. Figure out what's good for you and your lady problems will work themselves out!! (:

  • Why do you want to convert it's not like anyone is forcing you to date someone or is it the cause?

    Anyway, changing from what you really are is really difficult then you actually think it is and by the way religion has nothing to do with the person you date, it depends on the upbringing, liking and family that is if you belong to a stereotypical hindu family and the second reason you gave should be the reason you should not convert yourself.

    Anyhow, I would say better be a person without religion then be a person who don't respect it and dating has nothing to do with religion.

  • Atheism probably. There are no rules while abiding by that "religion".

  • I suppose either Christianity or atheism. Depends on what kind of woman you want to date.

    • You disagree with me, downvoter? How so? The vast majority of women in the US are Christians, so that is obvious. But depending on what kind of woman he wants to date, an unreligious woman could be a better choice for him.

      What exactly is not true about that?

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    • Probably just a site bug or some dude with like 10 accounts... p

    • 6 downvotes by now...

      Nope. I'm pretty sure it's just that a lot of people on here can't stand me.

  • Uh... probably a loose follower of Christianity of some form. I'd go with saying you believe in God, but don't follow everything in the bible if you're looking for something generally acceptable to most people.
    On that note, why would you change religions just to get more dates? Lack of commitment to yourself there, doncha think?

  • What a stupid question? You want to change religion just to get laid!

  • Faith is a very personal and important decision. Don't take it lightly.


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  • I believe there are more Christians in the u. s. then any other religion so that would be my guess. So long as they're not southern Baptist or "bible thumpers" you'll probably be fine for them.

    New age religion probably will be the most accepting of your beliefs however

    • So being a casual Hindu won't be an issue for most you're saying?

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    • I think the same would apply. It depends exactly where in the u. s. you are though.
      In the bible belt people are more prone to judge those who don't share their religion. But many people are relaxed about it and don't care too much. So long as you're not constantly preaching your beliefs I think you'll be fine

    • Big cities also tend to be more accepting of people that are different vs small towns where you'd be considered an "outsiders"

  • It is true that Hinduism is probably the least confrontational out of the Major Faiths across the world along with Buddhism. But since when is Atheism an organized religion? That like saying that "Not playing football" is a sport.

    Also, if you are casually choosing a Religious Faith just for the sake of more potential dating partners, How authentic can your Faith be?

    I didn't realize it was something people chose so easily just like when they go grocery shopping. Its usually something that is passed down from generation to generation as a cultural inheritance across the world.

    • Well Hinduism has been passed down to me, but I am worried that it might be a limiting factor, and I already have enough limiting factors (being short and a different race), and dating is more important to me than religion.

    • I just don't want to be in the scenario where I meet the girl of my dreams and she ACTUALLY accepts my short stature and different race, only to get fucked by religion. Then I will be really pissed...

    • Well it mostly depends on where you live then. In the US the majority of people identify as Christian, just like India for example how most people are considered Hindu.

      But more than anything I would say it largely depends on how Devout they are and how seriously they take their faith.

      Many people are just casual about their religion and don't let it affect their daily lives much. But those that take their faith very seriously are usually very strict about not dating anyone outside their faith.

      However they are usually pretty easy to spot, so you could avoid all that from the beginning.

  • I find it a little odd that someone who is willing to so easily give up ones own religion so willingly will accept any other.

    Have you considered that your willingness to give up your religion could be an indication that religion is not something you need in your life? Obviously you don't care about religion when you are willing to choose any just to get some girl. Be an individual and don't just follow and start believing in things other people do just for the sake that they are doing it.

    Being Agnostic might be a good start for you.

    • There's one thing I really hate about religion: the fact that it creates barriers around people for no person.

      I could meet the love of my life tomorrow and everything is going great until she asks me, "What religion are you?" and then it all disintegrates.

      That's why I am trying to evade that by entertaining the idea of me simply being an adapter. Basically, I am Atheist by default, but whatever religion the girl I am dating is, I would convert to if we became exclusive. I am entertaining this idea right now and thinking whether I should do this, or just convert to Atheism.

      Or I could stick to being a Hindu casual, provided it isn't even a moderate detriment to my dating potential in America.

    • I understand. It's a difficult situation.
      Personally I come from Sweden where most of the population are either Atheists or Agnostic even if we "on paper" mostly are Christian. Over here nobody would care what religion you belonged to as long as you are a nice person.

      I gave the advice for you being Agnostic because then you haven't really taken any stance for or against something. You simply say that you don't know. And I don't think people will take offence by you not knowing. From this stance you can also easily accept/tolerate the beliefs of your future girl friend without having to convert to anything.

  • Christanity, most of the women there are looking for husbands

    • What if I just became that dude who by default is Atheist, but then when with a woman, adjusts to her relgion.

      Example: I meet a Christian woman and she insists I convert. I am now Christian. We break up after 5 years. I am single... Atheist again... then I meat a Jewish woman and she insists I convert... I am now Jewish.

      Or will that look trashy?

    • If you make it past the lioness , you will be fine

  • But you don't eat beef. Hindus have a problem with others eating beef. You'd probably want your mate to stop eating beef.

    • I wouldn't. It's just a thing for myself. Anyway, this is an age-old question. The reason you saw this is: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1686259-isn-t-it-funny-that-i-am-selecting-mho-s-for-all-the-questions-i-ve

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    • I'm not Hindu anymore by the way. I've been Agnostic for quite some time now. However, I don't eat beef myself, but that's all. I wouldn't care about anything else (what my girl would do, etc). I just won't eat it.

    • Alright. That makes sense now. Because Hindus seem to worship cows so if you were still Hindu, you might be highly offended by that and find it insulting.

  • Very moderate Christian. Or very mdoerate non-religious