Guys if you were able to ignore a girl for two weeks cause she was mean to you but then you accepted her apology, would you ask her to hang out?

He responds when i text him now, but hasn't asked me to hang out :( I got mad before because he could only hang out for two hours :/


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  • Did you apologize over 8 times?

    • no lol but i did text him that many times. f my life haha

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    • Lol okay I was checking to see if you were someone I was recently talking to about this. That's a bummer you're not feeling well /:

    • no it is me, the situation has progressed but its moving very slowly

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  • maybe. if I accepted her apology then I must be over whatever it was that got me mad.

  • I would accept the apology but I wouldn't want to hang out with her.


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