He didn't call me back and his excuse what that he didn't want to bother me because I was with my friends? Is this BS?

So I've been dating a guy for a few months and last night I called him to see if he wanted to hang out and he didn't answer or call me back so I went out with my friends instead. I asked him this morning why he didn't call me back and he said because I was out with friends and he didn't want to be a bother. Which I think is a stupid excuse because he knows that has no bearing on me answering the phone for him. Was he just jealous that I went out and didn't call me because of this. He's never not called me back before. This seems ridiculous to me


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  • that could actually be a valid excuse if he is a really nice guy who respects your boundaries and space, and if he knew you were hanging out with friends then he was probably trying to be very sincere and polite and thought it would be best.

    • When I go out he normally texts me. But he gets mad or jealous when I hang out with friends. Especially guys. Even if their wife is around. It just seems like he either didn't want to call me back or was upset

    • your gut feeling is probably right. in this instance you just gotta let him get it all out and then sort things out.

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  • No Hun thats not stupid at all. But I know where you're coming from and I used to think it was a line of bs BUT I learned from my current bf that its plausible. Guys dont want to come off as needy. Plain as that. My bf won't call me or he will just send a text when he knows I am out with friends.

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