My ex just texted me happy birthday!?

So this guy and I are currently broken up but are trying to work on things.. His daughter is leaving him soon to move in with the mother. He is a very emotional guy who can flip from angry to crying in minutes. today he texted me happy birthday with a smiley face. i know i'm reading into everything but he texted me i didn't text him at all. can this be a good thing?


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  • well it depends on what you want out of the relationship. Do you want to forget him and move on and get over him? Then I wouldn't respond at all.
    If you have hope things will work out but with the possibility they wont, then give him a simple "thank you" back.

    • i did say thank you.. but is it him caring about me?

    • well obviously he does care or he wouldn't have sent you the text, he might have even used the bd as an excuse to get in contact with you. Its very possible he's trying to open up a line of communication, sure.

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