Does this guy like me romantically or as a friend? What are some signs he does? Please answer!?

I don't know if this guy I know likes me as a friend or is interested in me romantically. I know him from like 2 years ago, we ended up partying one night together. Had seen him date other girls and said hi, made small talk online or in person for like a few minute or so.

Anyways, on Friday the 13th, I seen him drinking with his cousin by the river, I just drinking there for something to do, told him I wanted to say by the beach to see the moon, he ended up staying with me and telling me where it would be and such. I ended up going swimming too in the lake and he joined me. He then hung my clothes to dry, made a fire to keep me warm, and held me untill i warmed up.

After that, we just talked, hung out, got some more drinks at his friend's house, and asked him if he wanted me to stay longer , and he was like yes i do.

We ended up then going back to the creek, fooled around a bit. Anyways, I had a good night with him, just talking, walking around till 5am in the morning with him, and doing random stupid things with him.

Seen him yesterday on his bike while waiting for the bus, he said hello krystal, and then got his bed to come talk to me for like 5-10 mins, he told me about this Pow Wow he wants to go too, and he went to see his brother.

Is there is a sign he likes me romantically or is just interested as a friend? what are some major signs a guy who's like 26 is interested in you romantically? I'm 24.

oops got off his bike.


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  • stand near him... see if he freezes.

    • ? im dumb, I don't get it.

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