What difference by the way back off or break up with someone?

I got a message from the one I am dating with, he said I put too much pressure on him to be serious relationship, so he recently backed off.

I knew that, and he said he know I knew that, what I should reply him? I feel like if I explain to him, I did not want to be serious or want to push him , it is useless to change his mind, or change his impression on me.

I have already rejected his invitation to his friends' bday party, and made decision to turn away, all I think about is I do not want to be needy, thought through I realized I was unhappy when I was him, it is time for me to keep single or date other guy.

I do not know what reason, he still message me , sent me pics in social network, but today he told me the truth, why he backed off.
does he just be nice to break up with me ever? what I should reply him?
explain nothing, just say like, 'appreciate he told me , and wish him all the best in furture'


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  • You do not owe him a explanation. Tell him you appreciate his honesty and then wish him well.


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